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Marietta Video Productions Is Selected To Live Stream The NARI Awards

The National Association of Remodeling Industry (NARI) has selected Atlanta Video Production company, Marietta Video Productions to live stream its awards ceremony. This is the second consecutive year that Marietta Video Productions has been chosen. “It’s such an honor to work with this prestigious national association. This is the biggest award ceremony of the year […]


Inspired Creation

I once heard a gentleman define happiness as a combination of three components: “Something to do, something to look forward to, and someone to love.”  The INSPIRE Video is a short expression of my love for life and a message I hope my children follow. See Video   The overall style of drawing was inspired by Kseniya […]

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Marietta Video Productions – #1 on Kudzu.com

When it comes to customer reviews, Marietta Video Productions is number one on Kudzu.com. The third party site is known for its objective system, and MVP ranks number one out of more than three hundred Atlanta video production companies when one sorts by ratings. MVP has 18 reviews, more than any other video production company in Atlanta,  and holds a 5 star rating. Customer service is a top priority for Marietta Video Productions, which began in 2006. "I am passionate about making sure our … [Read More...]