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In business since 2006, Marietta Video Productions serves all types of clients from small business entrepreneurs to large corporations. Their needs are the same – most companies want a creative, professional, and extraordinary video that maximizes their budget and doesn’t end up costing more than they planned.

Donna Davis with ABC’s Ted Koppel

Beyond this, the owners of Marietta Video Productions, Donna Davis and Daniel Trumble, just absolutely love everything about video production. They started the company in 2006 with little more than a whole lot of passion. Today, Marietta Video Productions has a full staff of professional video editors, writers, and producers. Here’s a look at the backgrounds of the professionals at Marietta Video Productions.

Donna Davis is the founder and president of the Atlanta Internet Video Marketing Association. She is also a contributing writer for ReelSeo.com, the nation’s largest video marketing blog. Donna believes in staying ahead of all the latest video marketing innovations in order to give clients the best possible result from their video.

She brings 20 years of news reporting and anchoring experience to work for clients. Most recently, she was an anchor and reporter for Florida’s News Channel. She also worked for Capitol News Service in Tallahassee, doing reports from the state capitol that aired on twelve Florida network affiliate stations.

Donna now serves as video producer and consultant. She meets with clients and helps them shape their ideas into a strategic plan to create a great video that will achieve the desired results.

She has extensive experience conducting interviews and writing scripts for videos.  Donna uses the interview style she learned in news to get the “emotion and passion” out of the client and their customers. She loves the ability to tell a client’s story and make it entertaining and memorable.


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Daniel Trumble shooting on location

Daniel Trumble serves as Creative Director, and that’s a fitting title because he has always been a creator with a love for art.  The passion to create started early on for Daniel. Growing up, he used the traditional mediums of painting and drawing to create portraits, and he used his parents VCR to produce claymation videos and hand-drawn frame by frame animations. That desire to stretch his imagination and creativity led Daniel to study videography, editing, and graphic design. Today, Daniel sees every client’s video as a work of art.

Daniel leads a team of  editors, videographers, and production assistants through the process of video production. He loves constantly learning new innovations in the world of this rapidly changing medium. He also enjoys the opportunity to teach the staff at Marietta Video Productions new skills.


Julie Lovell

Julie Lovell

Julie Lovell serves as a writer and producer, as well as on camera talent, for Marietta Video Productions. Before working at Marietta Video Productions, she was a television news anchor. She spent 13 years anchoring the evening news and reporting on health issues at the CBS affiliate in Billings, Montana. Julie has 20 years of experience in all aspects of television news, including reporting and producing.  She’s passionate about telling stories that demonstrate the strength of the human spirit and make a positive impact.   Julie is an award winning journalist with the desire to exceed client expectations and create videos that leave the viewer wanting more.