Money TreePrice shopping can be difficult with video because there’s no true apples-to-apples comparison. To a certain degree, you can compare it to shopping for an artist to paint you a portrait – each artist will have his or her own unique style, and their pricing will be based on experience, estimated work hours, as well as material expenses.

If you’ve been tasked with getting a price quote for a project for your company and need help knowing where to start, here are some tips that will help you get a bit more of an apples-to-apples pricing comparison.

Simplest Method:
Of course we’re biased.  The simplest solution is to call MVP at 678-290-8953 and we’ll chat about your project.  It’s free.  We’ll talk about your needs and give you a price estimate.  If you’re really not sure what type of video you need, we’ll be glad to meet with you to discuss your goals and share ideas.

Similar Video Comparison:
If you find a video that is similar in style to one that you want, bookmark the URL and use it as a model for your price comparisons. Then call us.  We can give you an idea of pricing, and let you know which elements of the video may affect pricing (e.g. Multiple location shoots, aerial shots, 3D animation) or give you ideas of elements that could make your video even better or more cost effective.

Look at Customer Reviews: 
This is often overlooked until you’ve had a bad experience. See what other clients are saying. Visit MVP’s reviews on

Our products and services are geared to deliver top-notch results whether you’re a Fortune 500 company needing a turn-key solution for How-To Videos and Training Videos, or if you’re a small business needing creative marketing videos or media packages.  Call us today at 678-290-8953 to find out how MVP can be YOUR MVP.